Why Chuck Palahniuk Doesn’t Want You To Be Boring

The universe is vast and filled with so much life and activity and nonsense and yet, we often find ourselves in a state of excruciating idleness that, to me, is more terrifying than anything. Bad things happen when boredom strikes, and personally, it keeps my mind racing uncontrollably towards the chasm of twisted thoughts and unnerving, unnecessary ideas that constantly throw me over the edge. And it’s exhausting, to be honest, because the more you’re not doing anything, the more you question the point of everything, whether or not they remain valid for you or if you’re just slipping and sliding on the fabric of time and space. Continue reading


I’m Having Coffee With Mozart

I have (or am supposed to be having) an audition for a music school next week, and I’ve only handed in my application last week, so they only gave me the scope of the music theory test and the departmental audition requirements for piano then (thanks, Mom). The music theory part seems simple enough, but may require extra time and effort for me to really get it because I’ve been unpracticed with the piano for what seems like five years now, and I’ve been playing this instrument since I was eight. Even then, I’ve always found it difficult to read sheet music, but can play things easily by ear. I remember my tutor would always wind up wanting to claw their face off or chop off my hands at the end of every session, and I wouldn’t really blame them. I would, too. But to top that off, given my incredibly short memory span, I cannot remember shit. Nevertheless, I’ve got it covered. My only concern now is the audition requirements because, well, if you’ve seen the list, and if you were an unpracticed piano widow as well, you’d be scared shitless, too. So, have at it: Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

From this prompt.

This is going to sound ridiculous (because it totally is) but the song that’s always taking me back to the past–and I mean way, way back into the past–is A Whole New World from Disney’s Aladdin. See, my mom put together this little video of me–well, pictures of me–from birth to early childhood with that song in the background. Then she put it on a VHS tape and whenever she plays it (yes, we still have a VHS player in our house), I keep seeing these things about my life that I could never remember shit about. Mostly because I don’t think my brain had registered those things were happening, seeing that they were 15 to 17 years ago. Still, it’s kind of creepy to see that those things actually happened, that I was walking in that park, wearing that dress, that I could never remember being in or wearing. 

Now, everytime I hear that song, the entire VHS tape starts playing in my head like an unnecessary flashback of my life as if I were dying.